Ginger Goodwin's 2km-long funeral procession in Cumberland in 1918


When highway signs commemorating folk hero Ginger Goodwin disappear, the documentary Goodwin’s Way finds nearby Cumberland, B.C. at a crossroads with its history.

Just two kilometers from the road that once bore his name, clouds loom over the site of a newly-proposed coalmine. While Cumberland’s young families dream of transcending their town's traditional reliance on a boom-and-bust resource economy, the Raven Coal Project threatens to return the region to a era that left boarded-up buildings, slag heaps, and industrial clean-up sites in its wake. Goodwin's Way examines a town's grassroots resistance to a coal-powered future, as Cumberland residents reconnect with Goodwin’s legacy of passionate defiance: his "way". 

Director Neil Vokey attend the Gibsons screeng for a Q&A after the film.

Goodwin's Way, Canada, 2016, 60min. Director/producer: Neil Vokey



'Goodwin's Way' screening at Gibsons Heritage Playhouse Mon Sept 19, and at the SC Art Centre on Thurs Sept 22


Mon Sept 19, 7:30pm, GIbsons Heritage Playhouse.

Thurs Sept 22, 7:30pm, SC Art Centre, Sechelt

Admission by donation at the door. 



Admission by donation at the door. 
All seats first come first served.

Mon Sept 19, 7:30pm
Gibsons Heritage Playhouse



Admission by donation at the door. 

Thurs Sept 22, 7:30pm
SC Art Centre, Sechelt


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Green Film Series on the Sunshine Coast BC Canada

‘Goodwin’s Way’ sees community searching for autonomy over its past, and its future

A new documentary explores a British Columbia town’s resistance to a coal-powered future 100 years after the killing of controversial local labour activist Ginger Goodwin. The Green Film Series presents “Goodwin’s Way” at the Gibsons Heritage Playhouse, Monday September 19 and at the SC Art Centre on Thursday September 22.

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